Our Services

CAS is in the forefront of providing Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services in sri lanka and regional markets. Our highly experienced and skilled technicians and management team together try to provide the best possible services to our clients while maintaining exceptional quality standards

CAS Capabilities will include

  • Aircraft Repair
  • Aircraft Modifications
  • Inspection Services
  • Airframe Overhaul
  • Engineering & Certification Services
  • Avionics repairs
  • Custom or Standard Interiors repairs and installations
  • Composite repairs and modifications

Aircraft Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

CAS offers complete aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services

When it comes to Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, we at CAS provide the very best services.
With accurate technical estimates we will ensure economy of effort and our professional sheet metal experts would fabricate required components with high degree of accuracy, using available machines in our workshop. We always compliance with approved RDs whether it is minor or major as classified by the authorized design organisation. Our technical structural team will ensure that all modifications are embodied in accordance with OEM approved SRM publications and Standard Procedure Manuals ensuring the structural intergrity with high degree of confidence for Airworthiness and flight safety.

Aircraft Modifications

CAS is fully capable of fabricating aircraft interior components and panels and also to carry out repairs and or modifications to meet such demands for small, medium and passenger aircraft.

Non Destructive Testing NDT

Non Destructive Testing using Modern Technology

CAS is capable of carrying out surface crack detection methods and sub surface crack detection methods using approved NDT methods. CAS has drawn their plans to upgrade eddy-current and Ultrasonic methods as well to serve our customers better in the near future.

CAS Tools

Tools Management of the CAS is a two pronged system;

  • Centralized Tool Stores
  • Individual Tool Kits

All special and calibrated tools are stored under specific environmental control whereas individual tool kits are distributed for high degree of operational efficiency. All tools are properly maintained and audited periodically

CAS Aircraft Spares Stores

Maintained by professional CAS logisticians

  • Bonded Stores
  • Bulk Stores
  • Quarantine Stores
  • Flammable Chemicals Stores

All aircraft spares / components are stored under proper environmental conditions as stipulated by CAA airworthiness regulations.
Online spares control and acquisitions system has added quality to the efficient operations to the CAS. In keeping up with the accountability all items are being audited on a programme approved by the CAS quality department.